“Zooming out of a midday meeting, I quickly clicked onto Carol Bonnafe's virtual group Sound Bath, probably in a less than ideal state of being for the event. However, Carol's calming presence soothed me immediately. I also loved how she explained what to expect as it created a safe space to close my eyes and take in the awe-inspiring sounds she then induced. And afterwards...I felt very grounded and present throughout the rest of my day. Thank you Carol. I look forward to participating in future Sound Baths with you.”

Michelle Kaplan

Former Stryker Leader, Author & Poet

“I had the privilege to enjoy a sound bath provided by Carol Bonnafe. She began with a short, guided meditation which helped me to begin relaxing. She also explained how the vibrations from the various sound bowls work with different parts of the body. Then she played the sound bowls. It was a lovely experience, and I was able to enjoy the beautiful sounds and become very relaxed and “in the moment”

Jeanne DeLacluyse

College Instructor, Illinois

“This was lovely. Your space is really beautiful, so crisp and clean… I loved the ocean drum. I loved, loved it. In fact, it was almost more relaxing than the bowls were, but I do love the ocean…I also really like your chimes and I enjoyed the cymbals. I also like the way you laid it all out at the beginning, so I knew exactly what was going to happen… I was ready for the ocean drum, as well as the chimes and the symbols. Your voice was so soothing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I did it twice!!“

Jeanie Hopkins Sound Bath Practitioner

“I had a wonderful introduction to Sound Baths this month in a group experience facilitated by Carol Bonnafe. She brought together a group of women for this unique experience who had never been exposed to Sound Baths before. In the invitation lead up and in the introductory aspects, Carol set the stage beautifully and with clarity so everyone felt they were in a safe space. Carol is a very calm persona which translates in such a lovely way to her role as Sound Bath instructor. Her quietude was relaxing both in the timbre of her voice and in the delicate way she moved between the bowls and chimes and ocean drum. Her confident yet gentle approach created a feeling of serenity and optimism that was so soothing. I felt lighter and full of gratitude for the relaxation and mental clarity this session brought. I look forward to my next Sound Bath experience with anticipation.“

Lisa Peterson

FormerVP of Human Resources, Stryker Orthopaedics

“Carol, The group from our Tuesday evening recovery support session LOVED your Sound Bath!. Lots of comments on how amazing it was that it’s possible to doing it over zoom. I personally loved the ocean drum and chimes after your playing the amazing crystal bowls.“

Peggi Cooney

(Author of “This Side of Alcohol")