How Do Sound Baths Work?

How Do Sound Baths Work?

Each person has their own unique energetic vibration. It is a signature of their body's health and well-being.

Over time, emotional distress like negativity, frustration, and stressors in the workplace and in the environment affect the frequencies at which our bodies vibrate. The result can be that we become out of balance. This can change our health and well-being and affect the health of our physical body.

Certain tones are created by the Alchemy Crystal bowls that trigger stress release, emotional release, and physical healing in the body. The body releases the "feel good" chemicals of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine in order to create heightened states of well-being and and calm.


In a Sound Bath, you are guided by a knowledgeable practitioner, where you will be listening to healing tones, harmonies, and amazing sound vibrations all around you. By the tones and frequencies played, you will relax your mind states, taking them from an active mind state (beta brainwaves) to a deeply relaxed state (alpha or theta brainwaves).

Sound Baths include Alchemy Crystal bowls and other instruments that create healing tones and sound frequencies to vibrate the cells in the body, bringing the body back to homeostasis and healing.

Your body is energy. Sound is energy. Energy is vibration.

This Is Why Sound Baths Are So Powerful

This Is Why Sound Baths Are So Powerful

Sound Baths create pure tones and frequencies produced by certain instruments that help pull the body's vibration back into healing harmony. This is an optimal state for the body to release stress and create a more productive, creative, and relaxed state, increasing focus and problem-solving.


  • Decreases anxiety symptoms
  • Reduces stress and negative automatic thought patterns
  • Supports the healing of the body
  • Turns on the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Creates a sense of mental peace and clarity


  • Releases tension in the body
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves pain in the body through relaxation
  • Brings attention to the breath


  • Expands self-awareness and connectedness
  • Creates healing and self-care
  • Releases fear, grief, and anger
  • Moves blocked energy
  • Boosts feelings of well-being and happiness
Mousai Sound Baths

Alchemy Crystal Bowls – What Is the Magic?

Alchemy Crystal Bowls – What Is the Magic?

In its natural state, quartz crystals acts as a transducer of energy, meaning it can transform what is considered a lower or dense vibration to a higher, more refined frequency and form. When the crystal is activated through sound as in the alchemy crystal singing bowls, binaural beats can be created. This encourages brainwaves that help you feel deeply relaxed such as in alpha or trance-like theta brainwave states.  This is called entrainment.

Not only does our physical body experience change, but our brainwave frequencies and conscious thought patterns also change. When holding an intention, we optimize the impact of crystal sound energy.

The complex harmonic tones of a gemstone or mineral-infused Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl can raise your vibratory rate, shift brainwave frequencies and change conscious awareness…thus stimulating remarkable restorative results.

To learn more about the benefits of Sound Baths, see the resources listed below.

Mousai Sound Baths.

The Rose by Hafiz

The Rose by Hafiz

How did the rose dare open her heart and give to the world all her beauty?
She felt the encouragement of light against her being. Otherwise, we all remain too frightened.

from The Gift, Poems by Hafiz, the Great Sufi Master